Sakura! Sakura!

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Es ist kein Geheimnis, dass ich Japan und alles, was damit zu tun habe, liebe. Sei es Tokyo, die Menschen, die Kultur und vor allem das Essen. Ich war jetzt zwar “nur” zwei Mal in Tokyo und ein Mal in Kyoto aber je öfters ich dort bin, umso stärker will ich wieder zurück und alles noch intensiver erleben und aufsaugen. Klingt …


Lunch @ Tempura Kondo, Tokyo

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A quick 2-Michelin-star-lunch in Tokyo? Why not? That’s what we thought and asked our concierge to try and book a table at Kondo. Days later we were two of 10 people sitting at the Kondo counter, in front of us three chefs. They cooked the freshest tempura – even the prawns were still alive (and you also eat the crunchy prawns head …


My little Tokyo Guide

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I know I know I’m talking way to much about Tokyo but I’m so in love with this city that I hope I will inspire you to go there too because it’s so amazing! It’s easy to get around if you speak English, are friendly, not afraid of new things, do your homework and do a little bit of research …



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So this year my dream came true and I can delete it from my bucket list: I’ve been to the Cherry Blossom Season to Tokyo! Although I’m home since Saturday I think back to the time we spent in this wonderful city every day… At least I have some pretty pictures for day dreaming and remembering the wonderful time I …


Dinner @ Takazawa, Tokyo

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So here I am, back to reality. No more nice Japanese around me, no more wet towels pre- and after dinner, no Cherry Blossom trees, no delicious Melons. If I could I would go back to Tokyo in a heart beat and work as a Ramen Girl somewhere. BUT on the other hand I have so many pictures and stories …


My Visual Tokyo Diary

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“Tokyo operates at two levels. On the one hand, there are wide avenues, concrete bridges, seas of people. On the other, tiny neighborhoods, obscure little side-streets.” – Jean-Christophe Grange, Kaiken, 2012 Click on the photos to enlarge: © www.mangobluete.com


Where to stay in Tokyo? Part 2

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2011 we stayed at the Peninsula Hotel in Tokyo, but this time we wanted to try something different and new. We discovered the Hotel Andaz Hyatt which opened last Summer.  We had a very warm welcome, the check-in process was very easy and our concierge was very helpful. Room: Very comfy beds! Amazing view in the morning and at night, …


Sushi Nakamura

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Tokyo is famous for their countless restaurants with countless stars and never ending reservation waiting lists. We were lucky enough to get two seats at Masanori Nakamura and enjoyed the best Sushi so far! Unfortunately I don’t remember all the delicious fish and dishes we had but the common ones like Toro, Otoro, Uni, Unagi, Tomago, etc. where part of …