Breakfast the W way

Food, Vienna

The reality got me back since yesterday and I want to go back to our happy little Fesdu Island! Did I tell you, how great the breakfast in the KITCHEN restaurant is? You can order anything you want (French Toast – DELICIOUS btw – porridge as you like it, Eggs Benedict, white egg omelette, etc.) and they will bring it right …


Mirror Mirror…

Fashion, Travels

Yes, mirrored sunglasses are the sh*t right now! I love my newest Aviators from Ray-Ban, they are azure blue like the sea in Maldives… ~~~ Oh ja, verspiegelte Sonnenbrillen sind echt der Renner. Ich muss sagen, dass ich den Trend am Anfang nicht so toll fand, da ich der Meinung war, dass man mit so einer Brille schnell wie ein …


Daily Life in Paradise

Photography, Travels

We went night fishing the other day and had so much fun! I caught two fishes and my boyfriend one – enough for a delicious BBQ dinner at our terrace. Yesterday we woke up early to take a swim in the sea before we had our breakfast. The nature here is beyond stunning!  ~~~ Gestern sind wir extra früher aufgestanden, …


Orange & Pink

Fashion, Travels

Actually, this tunic used to be a dress (Missoni Mare) but someone didn’t read the instructions and put it in the wash machine… anyways I still love it! You can wear the dress/tunic from day to night, from beach to club. This is how I wore it last night to the FIRE restaurant at the W Hotel.  ~~~ Dieses Oberteil …


Sun kissed

Beauty, Travels

These are my favorite products for a sun kissed skin. They help me to protect my skin from the sun in the Jungle. I have to be very careful, because my skin is so fair and I still manage to get sunburned. Like this time in the Maldives, right on the first day. So please be careful and use suitable …


The sky was on fire


Yesterday it was raining a bit on the Fesdu Island but after that we got to see the most beautiful sunset ever! Because of the clouds it looked like the sky was on fire! We stayed at the main beach till the sunset, sipping fresh coconut water and chatting. What a beautiful day!  ~~~ Gestern hat es hier auf den …


Underwater World


Yesterday we went snorkeling (like everyday) but yesterday we saw a turtle! What an amazing animal! So calm and majestic!  ~~~ Nein, das ist kein Aquarium, das ist die Natur hier auf der Fesdu Insel. Gestern hatten wir das Glück eine Schildkröte zu beobachten, als wir Schnorcheln waren. Das Tier hatte so eine ruhige Ausstrahlung und ich könnte ihr stundenlang …


I left my soul there, down by the sea


Yes, we did it again. We are at the W Hotel in Maldives right now and enjoy our time with my parents. The last holiday was so amazing that we HAD to come back! It’s the real heaven on earth! But this time we booked the Beach Oasis Retreat – we have our own private beach, more shade and are closer …