Are there only pretty Bloggers out there?

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Can you be only really successful as a good looking fashion/outfit-blogger with a hot body? I mean, do you have to be skinny and really pretty to become blog-famous and make $$$$? Do readers really wanna see perfect faces and bodies combined with a perfect life and the perfect instagram feed? Yes, we are superficial human beings and we like …


Sunny Saturday

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Hofburg Vienna

Last Saturday was so perfect! We started the day right with a delicious breakfast at Meierei im Stadtpark. You HAVE to try their banana milk and “Apfel-Rosen-Erfrischung” (apple and rose refreshment). I had both and it was so yummy! Their breakfast is one of the best in Vienna and the quality is really high. But they have to improve their …


The Wild Life

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Oh how I would love to be right now with my grand parents at the Datscha, sitting on the Veranda, make plans about the garden and eat sunflower seeds. But I’m back in Vienna and already planing my next visit to my home town in Russia.  It felt so good to sleep in the same house where I used to …




Soludos Epsadrilles

Oh boy, the last few weeks have been very exciting! I traveled a lot (Barcelona, Girona, Bodrum, back to Vienna, then Moscow and Chelyabinsk) and arrived now at my hometown in Russia. I’m visiting my grandparents and it feels so good to be back! Follow my journey to Russia on Instagram with the newest updates. By the way: In the picture …


Honest Self


honest self

Today I would like to share some powerful and true words with you. I used to believe and even demand happiness from other persons but not from myself. They should make me happy and then – and only then – I would be happy too. But it was oh so wrong, and I spend years being unhappy and rather sad. …


Back to the roots!

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Nascha Rascha

I can’t wait to be back in my homeland and see my relatives, especially my grandparents. I will spend some days in Russia and I’m looking forward to meet my family again and have long talks with them. So see you later!  ~~~ Ich kann es kaum erwarten, in meine Heimat zu fliegen und meine Verwandten, vor allem meine Großeltern wieder …




Pink Peony

My sale shopping haul: I decorated shopping windows for Liska at the Vienna Fashion Night: I started knitting (and can’t stop!): Where to buy awesome Aesop Products in Vienna: Roses from my mothers garden: Most comfortable shoes with a heel I own (get them at Steffl Department Store): It was about time to change the photography in the living room: The …


Quote of the Day



Confident women don’t dim others light to shine brighter. They just shine.  ~~~ Im Grunde, wenn jemand schlecht über jemanden Spricht, dann sagt es mehr über ihn aus, als über die Person, über die gerade schlecht gesprochen wird. Selbstsichere Frauen machen niemanden herunter, um selber besser dazustehen.