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Shiki Sushi Vienna | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Yesterday I went to the new Japanese restaurant Shiki in Vienna, which is open since exactly one month. Joji Hattori, the internationally successful conductor and violinist, opened this restaurant, who was born in Japan and raised in Austria. I was very curious and looked forward to finally try Shiki (Japanese word for “Four Seasons” and “conducting”). I reserved the Brasserie, but there is …


New Restaurants to try in Dubai

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Angelina Dubai

As you may know I always try to go to different and new restaurants when I’m in Dubai. The only problem is that there are so many good restaurants that you have to choose very carefully and divide your time (and hunger). You can have there EVERYTHING. Best pizza in the world? Yes, at the Dubai Mall. Best Gourmet Burger? The Wagyu Beef …


Powaaa Balls!!

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Peanut Butter Power Balls | Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog

Since Vicky posted this recipe on her blog I’ve been rolling these little wonder balls on a regular basis. They taste great, provide me with energy, are healthy but low in calories. I buy all the ingredients either at the organic store or DM (Drogerie Markt). I have adapted the recipe a little bit to my taste and it goes like …


Warm Aubergine, Pomegranate & Bulgur Salad


Jamie Oliver Warm Aubergine Bulgur Salad | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Today I have a very delicious and healthy recipe for you: Jamie Olivers warm Aubergine, Pomegranate and Bulgur Salad. It’s fresh, light, healthy and delicious! To be honest, it takes a little while (about 40 to 60 minutes) but it’s definitely worth it! You can have it as a lunch, dinner or as a side dish for lamb or any …


Afternoon Tea at Home


Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog |Afternoon Tea at Home with Scones

Tea is one of my favorite drinks, especially delicious rose tea or exotic mixtures of TWG, Lychee tea with peony blossoms, Milky Oolong and fig Rose tea from Haas & Haas, black tea from Ladurée and other delicacies from around the world. And I love Afternoon Teas in Hotels, such as at the Peninsula in Hong Kong. In Vienna, unfortunately we …


Poached Eggs & Avocado


Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog | Avocado poached eggs on toast

I have to share this ‘recipe’ with you because its so easy and delicious! And I am a big fan of ‘easy and delicious’ so here we go: You’ll need (for two): a large and ripe avocado 2 round toast buns (there are packaged and pre-cut in packs of four available at Merkur in Austria – you just have toast them) some butter or cream …


In a Winter Wonderland

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Obwohl ich gerade im warmen Dubai sitze, habe ich dennoch Freude daran, die Fotos von vor ein paar Tagen durchzuschauen, die im verschneiten Turnau, genauer gesagt am Pogusch 21. entstanden sind. Dort befindet sich das Wirtshaus Steirereck wo ich schon im Oktober 2013 war. Dieses Mal war es ordentlich zugeschneit und auch das Menü war etwas anders, aber wie immer köstlich! Und …


Mango testet für Euch…

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Le'o Wien Vienna Zelinkagasse

ein neues Restaurant in Wien, das Le’o im 1. Bezirk. Aufmerksam wurde ich darauf, als ein paar Freunde auf Facebook ein wunderschönes Interieur gepostet haben. Dann habe ich etwas recherchiert und spätestens seit dem Bericht auf dem Russischen Blog Büro24/7 musste ich hingehen. Das Lokal wird von einem Armenier geleitet, der dort täglich nach dem Rechten schaut. Das Publikum besteht aus überwiegend (wohlhabenderen) Russen und …