Let’s cook Zoodles!

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Zoodles Zucchini Spaghetti

No, Zoodles isn’t a new Zoo App or something, it’s my favorite dish right now. Noodles made out of Zucchini – my favorite veggie. It’s so easy and quick (as long as you have this little zoodle maker) and the perfect side dish for everything. And I have to tell you something: since few weeks I’m on a low carb …


Dinner at the World’s best Restaurant

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El Celler De Can Roca

After waiting for almost two years we finally made it to the World’s best Restaurant in 2015: El Celler De Can Roca. Actually we should have been there last year, but my best friend married so we had to postpone the restaurant to an another date and this date was one year later… It’s a good thing because last year, …


Easy & healthy Summer Salad

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Summer Salad Watermelon Feta

When it’s so hot outside I don’t wanna eat a heavy lunch and I better go for a light salad. Recently I saw a lot of watermelon and Feta salads across Instagram and Pinterest and I thought I would give it a try. The salad turned out pretty delicious and it’s perfect for those hot Summer days. It makes you full but …


Home Made Bircher Müsli Recipe

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Home Made Bircher Müsli

Today I would like to share a recipe with you if you need a healthy but quick breakfast. The trick is, you prepare it the night before. I love Bircher Müsli and I try to eat it in every hotel breakfast because it’s so delicious. I tried to make it at home and I failed several times till I mastered …


Torta Caprese


Torta Caprese | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Today I would like to share a very special recipe with you: Torta Caprese! All you need is a handful of ingredients (but only the best quality please!), a little time (30 minutes anyone?) and to be careful with baking – at the end you will have a delicious chocolate cake without flour! Yes! Because we use grated almonds. But …


Lunch @ Tempura Kondo, Tokyo

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Tempura Kondo Tokyo

A quick 2-Michelin-star-lunch in Tokyo? Why not? That’s what we thought and asked our concierge to try and book a table at Kondo. Days later we were two of 10 people sitting at the Kondo counter, in front of us three chefs. They cooked the freshest tempura – even the prawns were still alive (and you also eat the crunchy prawns head …


Dinner @ Takazawa, Tokyo

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Takazawa Tokyo

So here I am, back to reality. No more nice Japanese around me, no more wet towels pre- and after dinner, no Cherry Blossom trees, no delicious Melons. If I could I would go back to Tokyo in a heart beat and work as a Ramen Girl somewhere. BUT on the other hand I have so many pictures and stories …


Sushi Nakamura

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Sushi Nakamura Tokyo | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Tokyo is famous for their countless restaurants with countless stars and never ending reservation waiting lists. We were lucky enough to get two seats at Masanori Nakamura and enjoyed the best Sushi so far! Unfortunately I don’t remember all the delicious fish and dishes we had but the common ones like Toro, Otoro, Uni, Unagi, Tomago, etc. where part of …