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I LOVE jewelry! Some may say it’s too much and overloaded but I can’t have enough bling and glitz! Maybe it’s because I’m Russian or because I got my ears pierced when I was four. But with the right jewelry the outfit looks put together. Actually, I wear seven rings on one hand, three bracelets, earrings and a necklace. So these …


Dior Cocktail

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Mangobluete Diorama Dior Bag

Last week my friend and I attended a little Dior Cocktail at their boutique in Vienna. I totally fell in love with their new creation “Diorama” – a bag of course. It’s similar to the Chanel Boy Bag but it’s more ladylike, it weighs less and it’s less expensive. I’ve selected a comfy yet chic (but not too chic) outfit: …


Let’s talk about dress sizes



Yesterday after a Dior event I had an interesting conversation with two lovely girls about dress sizes. How can it be that me (I’m 1.70cm tall) have to alter all my trousers? Am I a dwarf? Even when I buy “short” cut pants, I still have to bring them to the tailor. What about women who are 1.60cm tall?  And how can it be that sometimes I fit in …





How do you define style? And how do you get your own personal style? I noticed that a lot of girls look totally the same on Instagram. It all started with Moschino belts, YSL Arty ring, Hermes bracelets, Acne scarf, Stan Smith sneakers, New Balance, Falabella bag, Dior Tribal earrings, brooch and/or espadrilles from Chanel, One Teaspoon Jeans, LV leo scarf, …


Is it worth it to invest in Designer Clothes?


Walk in Wardrobe | Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog

Over the years I have learned in what to invest and how to build a solid wardrobe. There are the classics that have persisted as my favorite pieces in the closet. You can wear them with anything and they are made to last long and will never go out of fashion. Mainly they are pieces of high quality materials such as cashmere, …



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Outfit | Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog

There were some events in the last few weeks and days and some of them I haven’t show you on Instagram. So here is a little summary of what was going on in my life so far. By the way: did you know that you can see all my outfits if you use the hashtag “mangoblueteoutfits” on Instagram? ~~~ In …



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Marina Rinaldi Dalila Dress | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Dalila is the name of this stunning dress I madly fell in love with some weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I should order it or not because I wanted to wear it only without the slip dress underneath. I wasn’t sure if I can “allow” myself to wear a dress with such a deep v-neck without a bra. But …


February 14


Valentines Day Gift Guide | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Don’t worry boys. I did all the work you and went through countless online shops for you and discovered some pretty gifts for your favorite girl. “Gifts? Why?” you may ask now. February 14 is Valentine’s Day!! First: I have never seen a woman who was not happy about a bouquet (of her favorite) flowers. Beautiful roses are always welcome. Even on other days than …