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On Sundays I usually clean the apartment but it’s also my mini Spa day. I apply some Shu Uemura oil to my hair before I vacuum my apartment, so my hair have time to soak in the oil. After everything is clean I do some peeling on my face and lips, apply a masque and do my nails. After that …


On my Beauty Wishlist


Mangoblüte Beauty Wishlist

Cosmetics and I – it’s a never ending Love Story! There’s constantly something new comes out, something you absolutely must have and want. I changed my consumer behavior a lot in the recent years and buy now very selected items. But still – there are a few pretty things or a new color you got to have! Now with Spring coming new beauty …



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Outfit | Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog

There were some events in the last few weeks and days and some of them I haven’t show you on Instagram. So here is a little summary of what was going on in my life so far. By the way: did you know that you can see all my outfits if you use the hashtag “mangoblueteoutfits” on Instagram? ~~~ In …


What’s your hair routine?


Hair Routine| Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Well, to be honest, my hair routine is, that I don’t have one. I mean, I use a shampoo and after that a conditioner. That’s it. I have super thin hair (and not much of it…) so I have to be very careful with brushing my hair and caring for it. But what I do every time in the shower …


Daily Make-Up Routine


Daily Make Up | Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog

Yes. I need all these stuff for my face on a daily basis, so I look like a normal person. But it’s not THAT much because it all fits into the little pouch from Louis Vuitton in the back. Actually I just need these products for my daily routine and I have absolutely no idea where all the other tons of lipsticks, powders, foundations, eye shadows and …


Beauty products I buy over and over again


Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog

Today I would like to show you my absolute top-mega-super-duper-products that I buy over and over again. They are 100% Mangoblüte-approved and I would definitely recommend them! Here they are: At the drugstore I buy this Invisble Dry Deodorant from Dove. I think it smells nice and protects well.  My lashes are not great at all but this Doll Eyes Mascara by Lancome (always …


Pretty Little Things

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Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog | Julep Delfina Delettrez Porter Aesop Eve Lom Gucci Nail Baby Breath

Dear all, I know from my traffic statistics that most of my readers are not German speaking people so I decided to try it again and write in both languages: English and German. Let’s be honest, my english sucks but I know from myself, that I lose interest in reading foreign blogs just because I don’t understand their language. So …


Naked On The Run


Urban Decay On The Run

Was sich manche Kosmetikfirmen für lustige Namen einfallen, nicht wahr? Naked On The Run… Jedenfalls habe ich es oft eilig und reise viel. Meine Flüge sind meistens sehr früh und da schlafe ich lieber länger, als dass ich mich noch um 5 Uhr Früh halb verschlafen schminke und nach der Ankunft das Make-Up eh verschmiert ist (weil ich mit Schlafmaske geschlafen …