Current Beauty Favorites



Recently I came across some new and old beauty products and I thought I would share my current favorites with you! Finally I’ve found MY hair shampoo and conditioner! I’ve been using “rahua” (you pronounce it “rawa” by the way) for a couple of months now in Dubai and I always wondered about my shiny, healthy looking hair with a little …


It’s all about that base


Beauty Routine | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

So do you all have a catchy tune now? I know, the correct lyrics go like this with “…bass”. Never mind. I worked on my make-up-routine and changed some things and skipped few steps. Because less is more as you all know.  For example I stopped applying my beloved eyeliner which I mastered over the past 10 years. And I …


Favorite Nail polishes


Favorite Nail Polishes | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

After years I found my favorite nail polishes which suit my outfits and my style. I thing these colors are modern but classic at the same time and chic.  Black – Iconic Black by Gucci Dark red – Sole Mate by Essie Red – Lollipop by Essie (Olivia Palermos Favorite btw!) Pink – Bonheur by Dior Rose – Romper Room …



Beauty, Vienna

Kussmund Wien

Vienna is always good for a surprise. It’s so great that more fresh new stores and pretty boutiques are opening in Vienna. The latest addition is a beautiful shop called “Kussmund – Schönheitsspezialitäten” (beauty specialties) in the Habsburgergasse 14 in the 1st district. So often I had to bring rare but great products from abroad but now I can buy them …


Weekend Beauty



On Sundays I usually clean the apartment but it’s also my mini Spa day. I apply some Shu Uemura oil to my hair before I vacuum my apartment, so my hair have time to soak in the oil. After everything is clean I do some peeling on my face and lips, apply a masque and do my nails. After that …


On my Beauty Wishlist


Mangoblüte Beauty Wishlist

Cosmetics and I – it’s a never ending Love Story! There’s constantly something new comes out, something you absolutely must have and want. I changed my consumer behavior a lot in the recent years and buy now very selected items. But still – there are a few pretty things or a new color you got to have! Now with Spring coming new beauty …



Life, Outfits

Outfit | Mangoblüte Life & Style Blog

There were some events in the last few weeks and days and some of them I haven’t show you on Instagram. So here is a little summary of what was going on in my life so far. By the way: did you know that you can see all my outfits if you use the hashtag “mangoblueteoutfits” on Instagram? ~~~ In …


What’s your hair routine?


Hair Routine| Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Well, to be honest, my hair routine is, that I don’t have one. I mean, I use a shampoo and after that a conditioner. That’s it. I have super thin hair (and not much of it…) so I have to be very careful with brushing my hair and caring for it. But what I do every time in the shower …