Best of… Espadrilles!


Chanel Espadrilles gray/black

Oh how I love espadrilles! I buy them over and over again because I think they are the perfect summer shoes and so damn comfortable! Last year I bought the famous espadrilles from Chanel and I’ve worn them so often. Unfortunately they run a little too big and now they are too lose for my feet since I lost some …


How to drink more water?

Healthy Lifestyle

infused water - how to drink more water

About 9 months ago, I’ve changed my water intake dramatically. Before that I drank one liter per day max and felt so slack, tired and exhausted. My skin was pale and I had really dark circles. I even didn’t know the feeling of thirst anymore, and I drank rather unhealthy things (artificial juices, alcohol, diet coke, …) and hardly tea, except black with a lot …


Fashion Flash!

Fashion Flash


I read some very interesting articles in the last couple of days and weeks and I would like to share them with you: If you loved the documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi”, as much as I did, then you will love the new netflix documentary!  Brooches are up to date (again) – so here is how you wear them without …


Azzedine Alaïa

Fashion, Travels


I already told you how cool and hip Seoul is and that you can find even 2 of the 10 Corso Como Stores there. When we were visiting one of the stores we noticed an Azzedine Alaïa exhibition to celebrate the 7th birthday of 10 Corso Como in Seoul. I noticed that most of the Alaïa designs are several decades old but …


At the Zoo

Life, Vienna

Zoo Schönbrunn Vienna

Anyone who knows me will tell you that I am crazy about pandas! And thank God, here in Vienna Schönbrunn Zoo, we have three of these cuddly, loveable creatures that I visited last weekend again. The great weather begged for a stroll thru the zoo and since I have an annual pass, I grabbed my cam and went to the zoo. It’s like a small getaway …




Plus Size Curvy Fatshion | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

I’m so proud of myself! Do you know why? Because the skirt in size 44 fits! Finally!! I have a little (cheesy) advice for you: don’t give up! Even if you see no progress at all, it’s fine, as long as you stick to your routine! Your body will respond – it just takes time! So here is a little …


My Visual Seoul Diary

Photography, Travels

Seoul, South Korea 2015 | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Seoul in South Korea was the last stop on our Asia trip. This time we were so exhausted that we wanted to slow down. That means having a late breakfast and go by taxi to a location and explore from there on foot.  To get to Seoul, we took a 2 hour ride on a train from Kyoto to Osaka and …