Fatshion Links #1



© navabi Today I would like to write about something I was thinking about for a very long time. Similar to my Fashion Flash posts but the main focus will be Fatshion. That means fashion for women who wear plus sizes and everything else that is involved in this topic. In my opinion it’s still a “calm” subject and it needs more attention! …


HTSYC – Salvatore Ferragamo

How To Screw Your Customers

How to screw your customer Salvatore Ferragamo

Today I would like to share my bad experience with Salvatore Ferragamo in my “How To Screw Your Customers“-series with you. Back in 2012 my father gifted me with a beautiful pair of ankle boots from Salvatore Ferragamo. After a season or so I saw that the zip fastener became loose and fell out. I had difficulties to close and open …


Festival Des Métiers – Outfit

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Marina Rinaldi Delicato Dress LBD Fatshion Curvy Plus Size

So I went to the opening of Festival Des Métiers Event by Hermès yesterday as I implied in my latest post. It is an amazing exhibition in a stunning location: the famous Spanish Riding School.  You know how much I love crafts and pure handwork, so yesterday we were able to see how a Kelly Bag is made or their ties, …



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Mitch Pumps Jimmy Choo

It’s a never ending story with black simple, classic pumps, right? As soon as I thought I’ve found the right ones, my feet start hurting and I need to exchange the shoes into a more comfy pair waiting in the car for me ASAP! My problem is that the heels are either too high or my toes don’t have enough space because …


Fall Beauty


Fall Beauty

After updating my wardrobe with fall clothes I also did some bathroom clean up and rearranged my beauty products. I put away the pastel nail polishes, exchanged the flowery scents into sensual evening perfumes and swapped light lip glosses into bold lip sticks.  So these are my fall must-haves which I’ll use very often in the upcoming season:  Chanel Black Satin nail polish – …




Tom & Serg Dubai

My Summer was so amazing! I traveled a lot, met a lot of lovely people, I had fun, was sad and then again I was very happy. I’m so blessed and grateful that I can see and explore so many beautiful things! Also I’m very glad that I have this little blog here so I can share all my thoughts …


On my Fall Wish List


Fall Wishlist

Ok, I’m slowly accepting that fall is coming, because I had the famous Pumpkin Spice Latte at Starbucks for the first time in my life yesterday. And although we were blessed with a wonderful weather today I’m slowly starting reorganizing my fall wardrobe. A pair of new boots would be nice, because my all time favorite boots by Salvatore Ferragamo are under repair for almost a year …


Mango testet für Euch…

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Withings Aura

Todays review is going to be about: Aura from Withings! I’ve know this brand for a long time, because about 5 years ago I purchased their scale and liked it a lot. Some time ago, Aura Smart Sleep System was released and since then it has been on my shopping list. A good night’s sleep is very important for me and so I was very …