When you take things for granted…



When you take things for granted, the things you are granted, get taken. After a day full of meetings and events I got home and went straight to bed. I hope I’m not one of the 14 thousand ill people in Vienna who got the flu. I drink plenty of water and tea and take some medicine like NeoCitran (wich …


Fashion Flash!

Fashion Flash


All the dresses you need to see from Oscars red carpet last night How It-Girls decorate their apartments Most influential Style Bloggers right now The dark side of gel manicures Great tips on losing weight  How to make cheap flowers look expensive? 5 Ways to start your day like a supermodel  ~~~ Die schönsten Oscar Kleider von gestern findet Ihr …


Dry Brush yourself!

Healthy Lifestyle

dry brush

I can only emphasize how healthy and great dry brushing for your body is! It only takes you 2 minutes and if you do that every time before showering (and after a work out), your body will thank you! It stimulates the circulation, it’s good against cellulite, stimulates blood circulation and acts as a fresh kick in the morning! I simply brush through my body …


Caring for your candles

Interior Design


Scented candles are a wonderful thing! They cover the room in a wonderful scent, even if they are not lit, they look pretty, are a small but very effective decoration idea, a nice gift and they get out the unpleasant smell if you grilled some steaks. Good scented candles are pricey and that’s why you have to take good care of them. …




rimowa topas

The last few weeks have been exciting and relaxing at the same time. We had Dubai, I did a lot of work outs (#from48to38), met my friends, I was ill, I attended some fun events and spent some sunny days at the beach. So here is a small summary from Instagram (you can follow me here: @mangobluete) ~~~ Die letzten …


On my Beauty Wishlist


Mangoblüte Beauty Wishlist

Cosmetics and I – it’s a never ending Love Story! There’s constantly something new comes out, something you absolutely must have and want. I changed my consumer behavior a lot in the recent years and buy now very selected items. But still – there are a few pretty things or a new color you got to have! Now with Spring coming new beauty …


New Restaurants to try in Dubai

Food, Travels

Angelina Dubai

As you may know I always try to go to different and new restaurants when I’m in Dubai. The only problem is that there are so many good restaurants that you have to choose very carefully and divide your time (and hunger). You can have there EVERYTHING. Best pizza in the world? Yes, at the Dubai Mall. Best Gourmet Burger? The Wagyu Beef …


Home Sweet Home!


I’m so sorry for the long delay here on the blog! I unfortunately got ill when I was in Dubai and I didn’t want to spend my “healthy” time in front of the computer. So I enjoyed the sun to the fullest, had great food, did plenty of work outs, celebrated into Vicky’s birthday and did some other few things. Last night I …