My Visual Seoul Diary

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Seoul, South Korea 2015 | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Seoul in South Korea was the last stop on our Asia trip. This time we were so exhausted that we wanted to slow down. That means having a late breakfast and go by taxi to a location and explore from there on foot.  To get to Seoul, we took a 2 hour ride on a train from Kyoto to Osaka and …


My Visual Kyoto Diary

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Kyoto, Japan 2015 | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Kyoto – culturally and historically one of the most important cities in Japan. Very traditional, much quieter than Tokyo, beautiful and very picturesque and yet rich in contrast. Every corner was picture perfect and I couldn’t stop being amazed. I felt like on a filmset of an old Japanese movie about Geishas – sorry – Geikos. And the actors walk around in …


Robbie Williams in Bratislava, 2015

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Robbie Williams Bratislava 2015

Oh yes, I still remember this moment like it was yesterday: an evening in Dubai in the year of 2000, me holding a Bravo Hits something CD in my hand, in the other a walkman. I’m wearing headphones and suddenly I hear violins, a voice and am sold. Robbie Williams – Millennium.  So this is how it all started. I’m …


Where to stay in Kyoto?

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The Ritz Carlton Kyoto | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

The Ritz-Carlton, Kyoto. This was – and I’m not exaggerating – the best hotel I’ve ever stayed in! And it’s not because of the most comfortable bed, the big room, the amenities, the complimentary water, tea or coffee, the view, the big bathtub; even the “welcome” strawberries in the room were perfect!!! In the end it’s the details that matter. The concierge …


Lunch @ Tempura Kondo, Tokyo

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Tempura Kondo Tokyo

A quick 2-Michelin-star-lunch in Tokyo? Why not? That’s what we thought and asked our concierge to try and book a table at Kondo. Days later we were two of 10 people sitting at the Kondo counter, in front of us three chefs. They cooked the freshest tempura – even the prawns were still alive (and you also eat the crunchy prawns head …


A little Tokyo Guide

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Tokyo Guide | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

I know I know I’m talking way to much about Tokyo but I’m so in love with this city that I hope I will inspire you to go there too because it’s so amazing! It’s easy to get around if you speak English, are friendly, not afraid of new things, do your homework and do a little bit of research …



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Sakura Tokyo

So this year my dream came true and I can delete it from my bucket list: I’ve been to the Cherry Blossom Season to Tokyo! Although I’m home since Saturday I think back to the time we spent in this wonderful city every day… At least I have some pretty pictures for day dreaming and remembering the wonderful time I …


Dinner @ Takazawa, Tokyo

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Takazawa Tokyo

So here I am, back to reality. No more nice Japanese around me, no more wet towels pre- and after dinner, no Cherry Blossom trees, no delicious Melons. If I could I would go back to Tokyo in a heart beat and work as a Ramen Girl somewhere. BUT on the other hand I have so many pictures and stories …