10 Facts about me

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Vogue Diorama

Ich liebe solche Beiträge auf anderen Blogs und habe auch schon öfters mit Euch Fakten über mich geteilt (hier und hier und hier und hier oder hier), doch der letzte Beitrag ist schon viel zu lange her, deswegen gibt es heute 10 Fakten über mich: Ich bin verrückt nach Zimtmandeln und freue mich, dass es sie endlich wieder überall gibt! …


The Wild Life

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Oh how I would love to be right now with my grand parents at the Datscha, sitting on the Veranda, make plans about the garden and eat sunflower seeds. But I’m back in Vienna and already planing my next visit to my home town in Russia.  It felt so good to sleep in the same house where I used to …


Back to the roots!

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Nascha Rascha

I can’t wait to be back in my homeland and see my relatives, especially my grandparents. I will spend some days in Russia and I’m looking forward to meet my family again and have long talks with them. So see you later!  ~~~ Ich kann es kaum erwarten, in meine Heimat zu fliegen und meine Verwandten, vor allem meine Großeltern wieder …


Life’s a Beach!


Dubai The Palm Jumeirah

Yes, I fled from Vienna and ran away to Dubai to be here on my birthday. It’s good to get some distance and to celebrate in calm surroundings. But next year I’ll party hard I promise!  ~~~ Ja, ich bin aus Wien geflüchtet und bin zu meinem Geburtstag nach Dubai abgehauen. Es tut gut, etwas Abstand zu gewinnen und ganz …


The naked truth.

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the naked truth

I’m so sick of these perfect Instagram pictures! You know, the ones with the perfect flowers, a cup of tea, fingers with beautiful nails and rings… Sometimes they give me a feeling to be unhappy about my “unperfect” life, but I know this would be very silly. Of course I like to look at beautiful pictures but they are in 99% …


What’s in my bag?


Mon Monogram Vuitton Neverfull GM | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Women tend to carry always too much stuff in their handbags. Especially me. You never know what might happen on a regular day, right? You might be invited to a party and need to exchange your chucks into high heels. Or you might need a scarf, sunglasses and an umbrella. Just in case. And what about your passport? Maybe you get the urge …


When you take things for granted…



When you take things for granted, the things you are granted, get taken. After a day full of meetings and events I got home and went straight to bed. I hope I’m not one of the 14 thousand ill people in Vienna who got the flu. I drink plenty of water and tea and take some medicine like NeoCitran (wich …


Home Sweet Home!


I’m so sorry for the long delay here on the blog! I unfortunately got ill when I was in Dubai and I didn’t want to spend my “healthy” time in front of the computer. So I enjoyed the sun to the fullest, had great food, did plenty of work outs, celebrated into Vicky’s birthday and did some other few things. Last night I …