Mango testet für Euch…

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Todays review is going to be about: Aura from Withings! I’ve know this brand for a long time, because about 5 years ago I purchased their scale and liked it a lot. Some time ago, Aura Smart Sleep System was released and since then it has been on my shopping list. A good night’s sleep is very important for me and so I was very …


Let’s cook Zoodles!

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No, Zoodles isn’t a new Zoo App or something, it’s my favorite dish right now. Noodles made out of Zucchini – my favorite veggie. It’s so easy and quick (as long as you have this little zoodle maker) and the perfect side dish for everything. And I have to tell you something: since few weeks I’m on a low carb …


Easy & healthy Summer Salad

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When it’s so hot outside I don’t wanna eat a heavy lunch and I better go for a light salad. Recently I saw a lot of watermelon and Feta salads across Instagram and Pinterest and I thought I would give it a try. The salad turned out pretty delicious and it’s perfect for those hot Summer days. It makes you full but …


Home Made Bircher Müsli Recipe

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Today I would like to share a recipe with you if you need a healthy but quick breakfast. The trick is, you prepare it the night before. I love Bircher Müsli and I try to eat it in every hotel breakfast because it’s so delicious. I tried to make it at home and I failed several times till I mastered …


Juicing for Beginners (Me)

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Yay! I’m finally a proud owner of a juicer! I have this one and I’m pretty happy with it. Of course the mess (but you can put almost every part into the dishwasher!) after is bigger than the one after a smoothie in a blender but I think I drink much more veggies, fruits and vitamins. And I have a feeling …


How to drink more water?

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About 9 months ago, I’ve changed my water intake dramatically. Before that I drank one liter per day max and felt so slack, tired and exhausted. My skin was pale and I had really dark circles. I even didn’t know the feeling of thirst anymore, and I drank rather unhealthy things (artificial juices, alcohol, diet coke, …) and hardly tea, except black with a lot …



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I don’t know about you, but when I’m hungry, I can be quite uncomfortable for all the people around me … I noticed it during detox. By the way I would like to give you a quick update on my 5-day-detox-journey: it’s the best thing that’ve happened to me! My metabolism functions properly now and my skin, especially in the chin …