5 Day Detox with Slim Tim

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Yes, I did it! I did a detox with Slim Tim and drank only juices for 5 days! I am very proud of myself that I did it without exceptions. I know what I’m capable of and it is also a sense of achievement, which motivates me further. I didn’t do it to lose some pounds of water. I wanted to give my …


Dry Brush yourself!

Healthy Lifestyle

I can only emphasize how healthy and great dry brushing for your body is! It only takes you 2 minutes and if you do that every time before showering (and after a work out), your body will thank you! It stimulates the circulation, it’s good against cellulite, stimulates blood circulation and acts as a fresh kick in the morning! I simply brush through my body …


Date with Jillian

Healthy Lifestyle

The day today was packed with appointments, meetings and errands, and I still managed to squeeze in a work-out (and the day is not over yet, there’s an event tonight). A workout date with Jillian is also an appointment, right? I always say instead of “I have time for exercise” – “I make time for exercise”. There is a tiny difference. I think, if …


Powaaa Balls!!

Food, Healthy Lifestyle

Since Vicky posted this recipe on her blog I’ve been rolling these little wonder balls on a regular basis. They taste great, provide me with energy, are healthy but low in calories. I buy all the ingredients either at the organic store or DM (Drogerie Markt). I have adapted the recipe a little bit to my taste and it goes like …



Healthy Lifestyle

I don’t know if you’ve noticed, but I have one wish for my 30th birthday: I want to wear a dress by Hervé Léger, for example. Or Chanel. Or Azzedine Alaia. My 30th birthday is on May 22nd in 2016 so I have exactly 16 months to reach my goal. I have already started last year and have lost two dress …


The Work-Out

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Kaum zu glauben, aber ich mache Sport. Auch auf Reisen oder im Urlaub. Ich schwöre auf die 30-Day-Shred-DVD von Jillian Michaels (allerdings nur Level 1, weil ich ihn am meisten mag). Natürlich nehme ich meine Hanteln und die DVD nicht mit, aber zum Glück gibt es Youtube, wo das Video erhältlich ist und statt Hanteln benutze ich Wasserflaschen. Bequeme Sportsachen …


Delicious Post-Work-Out Chocolate Smoothie

Food, Healthy Lifestyle

Kürzlich habe ich bei Instagram diesen Smoothie hochgeladen und ein paar wollten das Rezept dazu wissen. Ich muss Euch aber warnen: er schmeckt so dermaßen gut, dass er süchtig macht! Ich könnte ihn im Moment statt den drei Hauptmahlzeiten trinken, so lecker ist er! Es ist wie ein Schokokuchen im Glas, welches nicht so viele Kalorien hat… Also, man nehme …