My Visual Kyoto Diary

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Kyoto, Japan 2015 | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Kyoto – culturally and historically one of the most important cities in Japan. Very traditional, much quieter than Tokyo, beautiful and very picturesque and yet rich in contrast. Every corner was picture perfect and I couldn’t stop being amazed. I felt like on a filmset of an old Japanese movie about Geishas – sorry – Geikos. And the actors walk around in …


My Travel Buddy

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Louis Vuitton Bosphore Backopack | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

One day before our trip to Asia I bought this little fellow here. It was on my radar for a long time now – too long! I wish I’ve bought the Louis Vuitton Bosphore backpack much earlier. It’s big enough for my MacBook (13″), iPad mini, cam (Leica X2), travel guide, purse, passport and other stuff I need on the …


Slip Ons – Yay or Nay?


Slip Ons? | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

What do you think about Slip Ons? I think they are a great alternative for ballet flats but they aren’t too sporty like Sneaker. In the last few weeks I tried a lot of different versions and brands and I must say that my favorite ones were from Celine but size 41 is too big and 40 too small. Unfortunately …


Louis Vuitton Ramages Collection


Louis Vuitton Dubai

You don’t have to know me well to see that I am a huge Louis Vuitton fan. I tend to grab my favorite LV tote instead of an another bag and label and I post unwitting a ton of LV things on my Instagram account.  A couple of days ago I was invited to the Dubai Mall to get an exclusive preview …


Strawberry Bubblegum

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Spring Fashion Malene Birger Chanel Louis Vuitton Pastel Plus Size | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

Spring is officially here so I can officially wear my favorite rose Springcoat. I love coats which don’t have shoulder pads and instead the shoulders are round. Add 3/4-sleeves to the coat and I am sold! I have quite a collection by now with coats in this similar style because I think they suit my body type well. You can combine them with a scarf, …


Wishlist – Spring Edition


Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

My birthday is not around the corner and generally speaking, there is no reason to surprise me or buy something for myself. But still there are a few things that I’d like to see in my closet or on my bag shelf or on my finger and on my lips: This beautiful top for example. It combines two of my favorite things: stripes and sequins! I liked …


Running errands

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Plus Size Curvy Fatshion Sofia Coppola Louis Vuitton Stella McCartney | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

May I present you my go-to outfit for running errands and meetings in the city. I wear a dark blue coat by Stella McCartney, a cashmere sweater by Dear Cashmere, jeans by H&M+, Converse Chucks, Sofia Coppola Louis Vuitton Bag, scarf from Louis Vuitton men’s (show collection) and of course my Dior tribal pearl earrings. ~~~ Heute zeige ich Euch …


Girl Bag by Chanel – seriously??


Chanel Girl Bag

What was Karl thinking?? Or am I the only one who thinks that this new bag is really weird? “Girl Bag” is the newest creation from Chanel and is the counterpart to the Boy Bag. Sure, we should not take fashion too serious, but a bag that looks like a Chanel Tweed Jacket? Seriously? Or is this bag for people who …