Let’s get social!


Sometimes all these social media drives me crazy. As a blogger I have to maintain several accounts like Facebook, Instagram, Snapchat, Pinterest, Twitter and Tumblr.  Some time ago I discovered Snapchat (@mangoblueteblog) and I LOVE it! It’s so much fun and it’s authentic and spontaneous. No perfect pictures or voices. But I get this feeling that more and more blogger do …


Die neue Macht der Modeblogger

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Ihr müsst unbedingt diese Doku über Mode, Instagram, Fashion Week, Konsum, It-Girls, Designer und natürlich Blogger anschauen! Mit dabei sind auch die Power Girls von This Is Jane Wayne dabei. Es gibt einen interessanten Einblick in den Modezirkus und ich habe mir beim Schauen mal wieder gedacht, dass vieles, was auf Fotos so einfach, zufällig und locker wirkt, beinhart durchgeplant und …


Are there only pretty Bloggers out there?

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Can you be only really successful as a good looking fashion/outfit-blogger with a hot body? I mean, do you have to be skinny and really pretty to become blog-famous and make $$$$? Do readers really wanna see perfect faces and bodies combined with a perfect life and the perfect instagram feed? Yes, we are superficial human beings and we like …


There’s No Business Like Blog Business

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Blog Business

Während meinen ersten Gehversuchen als Blogger konnte man nicht ans Geldverdienen oder Goodies einzuheimsen denken. Zumindest habe ich damals nicht im Traum an die heutigen finanziellen Möglichkeiten des Bloggens gedacht. Der Spass an der Sache, seine Meinung kundtun, Dinge zu teilen standen und stehen noch immer im Vordergrund. Ich empfand das Bloggen als die “gesunde” Alternative zu etablierten Printmedien, wo der Blogger, als …


10 things you should never say to a fashion blogger


“So you are a blogger? HAHAHA!” “Listen, we give you this product for free and you will write a nice review about it, ok?” “Do you also have a decent, real job?” “We can offer you a 20 Euro voucher.” – “Fine, I’ll ask at the grocery store if they accept your vouchers.” “Can you make a living with your …


Happy Birthday Mangoblüte!


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Happy Women’s Day my lovely ladies! It’s also my dear grandmothers birthday AND my blog turns five today! Can you believe this? I never thought that I would come this far with my little blog! I never thought that one day I would call it my profession and earn money with it. There is an interview about this subject on Standard …


Outfit Madonna Blogger Awards

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Anna Blogger Award Mangoblüte

I have to write this down real quick because I’m sitting at the lounge at the airport right now on my way to some warmer destinations… BUT I would like to show you my outfit from yesterdays Bloggerawards hosted by Madonna.  Yesterday I practiced all the day on how to pose on the red carpet and I’m not very happy …


Blogs & Photoshop

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Fashion blogs and shopping – this goes hand in hand. But blogs and Photoshop – I think – they don’t… Some days ago I discovered an Instagram account that exposes the blogger Kristina (Kayture) in photoshopping her photos on regular basis. If I want to see perfect (photoshopped) models, I read Vogue but not lifestyle blogs. Kristina is the last girl that need …