La Pura Getaway

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La Pura Women's health resort kamptal

Last week I was invited to stay one night at the La Pura Women’s Health Resort which is only one hour drive away from Vienna. It’s a resort exclusively for women and no men are allowed. They focus on women’s health, beauty, exercise and healthy eating. At La Pura you will find many good doctors and you can set up …


Mango testet für Euch…

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The Beauty Bar Vienna

Here is my review about the newly opened walk-in cosmetic salon The Beauty Bar in Postgasse 16, 1010 Vienna. It’s the second salon from Nails2Go GmbH where I’ve also been (read my review here). Without any further notice I’ve been there today and I didn’t had to wait to get started. I wanted a pedicure with Shellac and after one …


What I learned at the Bobbi Brown Masterclass

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Bobbi Brown Master Class

Yesterday I went to a Bobbi Brown Masterclass session with Eduardo Ferreira (Bobbi Brown Director of Artistry & Education). I was looking forward to it since May and I learned a lot about nude, natural make-up and how to get that perfect glow without heavy foundation. As you may know I try to get away from too much foundation, bold eyeliner and …


The Power of Red Lipstick


Chanel Red Lipstick 442 Dimitri

Marilyn Monroe would celebrate her birthday today, so her zodiac sign was Gemini, just like me. And we also share our love for red lipstick.  The red lipstick was a Holy Grail for me, to be worn only in the evenings for special occasions. The same goes for “Black Orchid” scent by Tom Ford. Every time I tried to wear …


Current Beauty Favorites



Recently I came across some new and old beauty products and I thought I would share my current favorites with you! Finally I’ve found MY hair shampoo and conditioner! I’ve been using “rahua” (you pronounce it “rawa” by the way) for a couple of months now in Dubai and I always wondered about my shiny, healthy looking hair with a little …


It’s all about that base


Beauty Routine | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

So do you all have a catchy tune now? I know, the correct lyrics go like this with “…bass”. Never mind. I worked on my make-up-routine and changed some things and skipped few steps. Because less is more as you all know.  For example I stopped applying my beloved eyeliner which I mastered over the past 10 years. And I …


Favorite Nail polishes


Favorite Nail Polishes | Mangobluete Life & Style Blog

After years I found my favorite nail polishes which suit my outfits and my style. I thing these colors are modern but classic at the same time and chic.  Black – Iconic Black by Gucci Dark red – Sole Mate by Essie Red – Lollipop by Essie (Olivia Palermos Favorite btw!) Pink – Bonheur by Dior Rose – Romper Room …