Juicing for Beginners (Me)

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Multiquick 7 Braun J 700 Juicer Entsafter Detox

Yay! I’m finally a proud owner of a juicer! I have this one and I’m pretty happy with it. Of course the mess (but you can put almost every part into the dishwasher!) after is bigger than the one after a smoothie in a blender but I think I drink much more veggies, fruits and vitamins. And I have a feeling …


Apple Watch & I


Apple Watch Sport Edition Fashion Neon Pink

When I heard that Apple is launching a watch I thought “Finally!!!”. I wanted to buy a Jawbone watch or something like that, because I wanted to track my fitness and calories, heart rate, etc. which could help me on my weight loss journey. The health app on my iPhone wasn’t enough for me. Since couple of weeks now I’m wearing …


Schloss Elmau Retreat Getaway


Schloss Elmau G7 2015 München

I was looking forward to the last weekend because I was invited to stay for two nights at the Schloss Elmau Retreat to share my experiences here with you. Well, what should I say? I slept so well and enjoyed every minute of it, I din’t want to go home!  This change of scenery was really good for me and it was lovely just to …


White Dreams

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Vera Wang Bridal Vienna

I’m sorry for the lack of posts lately but I was relaxing in a castle and I will tell you all about the details later. And no, I’m not getting married but I know where to find amazing bridal gowns in Vienna: you don’t need to fly to NY or Paris anymore to get to try the famous Vera Wang …


Best of… Espadrilles!


Chanel Espadrilles gray/black

Oh how I love espadrilles! I buy them over and over again because I think they are the perfect summer shoes and so damn comfortable! Last year I bought the famous espadrilles from Chanel and I’ve worn them so often. Unfortunately they run a little too big and now they are too lose for my feet since I lost some …


How to drink more water?

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infused water - how to drink more water

About 9 months ago, I’ve changed my water intake dramatically. Before that I drank one liter per day max and felt so slack, tired and exhausted. My skin was pale and I had really dark circles. I even didn’t know the feeling of thirst anymore, and I drank rather unhealthy things (artificial juices, alcohol, diet coke, …) and hardly tea, except black with a lot …


Fashion Flash!

Fashion Flash


I read some very interesting articles in the last couple of days and weeks and I would like to share them with you: If you loved the documentary “Jiro Dreams Of Sushi”, as much as I did, then you will love the new netflix documentary!  Brooches are up to date (again) – so here is how you wear them without …