It’s been a month since the last Instagram-summary so it’s time for an update!  ~~~ Genau einen Monat ist die letzte Instagram-Zusammenfassung her, deswegen ist es Zeit für ein Update! Outfits: BF Jeans and a Chanel Jacket always work: Casual Friday: Never without my rings: Here are the details for this outfit: Black and white – my classic combo: Red, …



Beauty, Vienna

Vienna is always good for a surprise. It’s so great that more fresh new stores and pretty boutiques are opening in Vienna. The latest addition is a beautiful shop called “Kussmund – Schönheitsspezialitäten” (beauty specialties) in the Habsburgergasse 14 in the 1st district. So often I had to bring rare but great products from abroad but now I can buy them …


The naked truth.

Life, Personal

I’m so sick of these perfect Instagram pictures! You know, the ones with the perfect flowers, a cup of tea, fingers with beautiful nails and rings… Sometimes they give me a feeling to be unhappy about my “unperfect” life, but I know this would be very silly. Of course I like to look at beautiful pictures but they are in 99% …


Wishlist – Spring Edition


My birthday is not around the corner and generally speaking, there is no reason to surprise me or buy something for myself. But still there are a few things that I’d like to see in my closet or on my bag shelf or on my finger and on my lips: This beautiful top for example. It combines two of my favorite things: stripes and sequins! I liked …


10 things you should never say to a fashion blogger


“So you are a blogger? HAHAHA!” “Listen, we give you this product for free and you will write a nice review about it, ok?” “Do you also have a decent, real job?” “We can offer you a 20 Euro voucher.” – “Fine, I’ll ask at the grocery store if they accept your vouchers.” “Can you make a living with your …


Sporty Chic


Some weeks ago it felt like Spring for the first time in Vienna this year. So it was the perfect occasion to take out my brand new parka for a stroll thru Viennas Old Town. For my outfit I mixed a little bit of red, pearls (how amazing are the buttons on this blouse??) and studs and was ready to go! You can …


What’s in my bag?


Women tend to carry always too much stuff in their handbags. Especially me. You never know what might happen on a regular day, right? You might be invited to a party and need to exchange your chucks into high heels. Or you might need a scarf, sunglasses and an umbrella. Just in case. And what about your passport? Maybe you get the urge …


Shiki – Japanese Fine Dining | Brasserie | Bar

Food, Vienna

Yesterday I went to the new Japanese restaurant Shiki in Vienna, which is open since exactly one month. Joji Hattori, the internationally successful conductor and violinist, opened this restaurant, who was born in Japan and raised in Austria. I was very curious and looked forward to finally try Shiki (Japanese word for “Four Seasons” and “conducting”). I reserved the Brasserie, but there is …