New Restaurants to try in Dubai

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As you may know I always try to go to different and new restaurants when I’m in Dubai. The only problem is that there are so many good restaurants that you have to choose very carefully and divide your time (and hunger). You can have there EVERYTHING. Best pizza in the world? Yes, at the Dubai Mall. Best Gourmet Burger? The Wagyu Beef …


Home Sweet Home!


I’m so sorry for the long delay here on the blog! I unfortunately got ill when I was in Dubai and I didn’t want to spend my “healthy” time in front of the computer. So I enjoyed the sun to the fullest, had great food, did plenty of work outs, celebrated into Vicky’s birthday and did some other few things. Last night I …




How do you define style? And how do you get your own personal style? I noticed that a lot of girls look totally the same on Instagram. It all started with Moschino belts, YSL Arty ring, Hermes bracelets, Acne scarf, Stan Smith sneakers, New Balance, Falabella bag, Dior Tribal earrings, brooch and/or espadrilles from Chanel, One Teaspoon Jeans, LV leo scarf, …


It’s nice to be back!


Hello from Dubai! I’m here for a couple of days as I need to do some things here. But in the meantime you can follow me on instagram for daily updates. Also, I will try some new restaurants here and I will let you know where you should go next, when you’re in Dubai!  ~~~ Ein herzliches Hallo aus Dubai! …


Outfit Madonna Blogger Awards

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I have to write this down real quick because I’m sitting at the lounge at the airport right now on my way to some warmer destinations… BUT I would like to show you my outfit from yesterdays Bloggerawards hosted by Madonna.  Yesterday I practiced all the day on how to pose on the red carpet and I’m not very happy …


Fashion Flash!

Fashion Flash

Here are some lovely links for you to read today: Tips from Lauren Conrad to make yourself drink more water. I will tell you my tips in a separate post later How to treat adult acne  something for guys: this is how your perfect wardrobe could/should look like great career interview with Anine Bing as you may know I’m a …


Date with Jillian

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The day today was packed with appointments, meetings and errands, and I still managed to squeeze in a work-out (and the day is not over yet, there’s an event tonight). A workout date with Jillian is also an appointment, right? I always say instead of “I have time for exercise” – “I make time for exercise”. There is a tiny difference. I think, if …


Is it worth it to invest in Designer Clothes?


Over the years I have learned in what to invest and how to build a solid wardrobe. There are the classics that have persisted as my favorite pieces in the closet. You can wear them with anything and they are made to last long and will never go out of fashion. Mainly they are pieces of high quality materials such as cashmere, …