Final Destination


Skyline from Hong Kong I LOVE traveling so much! If I could I would travel all the time… I also created a Pinterest board “Where I Would Like To Go” with many inspirations. Where I would like to go in the near future:  Marrakesh Positano Cherry Blossom time in Japan and Osaka Barcelona Cuba If you are planing a bigger trip …


As simple as that.


Happy Tuesday everyone! I often get criticized for what I’m doing but I always say to myself and to others the same: “If they don’t know you personally, don’t take it personal.” How can somebody judge me who never met me before? On my blog and Instagram I’m only showing 10% of my life. If you see me on an event …




Welcome to the re-design of Mangoblüte! Do you like it? We’ve been working on it for days and I know it looks a little bit unusual to the old layout, but I think it’s so much better this way. It’s clean and simple and we finally have bigger pictures!! So, what do you think? There are of course some little bugs …




My friend and I decided not to got Paris. We think it is too early and the atmosphere must be very tense. So we will make up for the trip later. It’s time for a little Instagram-Update here on the blog; especially for those who don’t follow me on Instagram Land. But you can change that. Anyways, so here we go:  …




© www.mangobluete.com This year has started so dramatically in Paris. Actually, my friend and I have a flight to Paris tomorrow, for sale-shopping. We booked the flight and hotel some time ago. But who knows if we will arrive there at all, as air travel is considerably disturbed to and from Paris. BUT: Is it allowed to think about fun and shopping in such hard times? …


Beauty products I buy over and over again


Today I would like to show you my absolute top-mega-super-duper-products that I buy over and over again. They are 100% Mangoblüte-approved and I would definitely recommend them! Here they are: At the drugstore I buy this Invisble Dry Deodorant from Dove. I think it smells nice and protects well.  My lashes are not great at all but this Doll Eyes Mascara by Lancome (always …


Poached Eggs & Avocado


I have to share this ‘recipe’ with you because its so easy and delicious! And I am a big fan of ‘easy and delicious’ so here we go: You’ll need (for two): a large and ripe avocado 2 round toast buns (there are packaged and pre-cut in packs of four available at Merkur in Austria – you just have toast them) some butter or cream …


Pretty Little Things

Beauty, Fashion

Dear all, I know from my traffic statistics that most of my readers are not German speaking people so I decided to try it again and write in both languages: English and German. Let’s be honest, my english sucks but I know from myself, that I lose interest in reading foreign blogs just because I don’t understand their language. So …