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There were some events in the last few weeks and days and some of them I haven’t show you on Instagram. So here is a little summary of what was going on in my life so far. By the way: did you know that you can see all my outfits if you use the hashtag “mangoblueteoutfits” on Instagram? ~~~ In …


Powaaa Balls!!

Food, Healthy Lifestyle

Since Vicky posted this recipe on her blog I’ve been rolling these little wonder balls on a regular basis. They taste great, provide me with energy, are healthy but low in calories. I buy all the ingredients either at the organic store or DM (Drogerie Markt). I have adapted the recipe a little bit to my taste and it goes like …


What’s your hair routine?


Well, to be honest, my hair routine is, that I don’t have one. I mean, I use a shampoo and after that a conditioner. That’s it. I have super thin hair (and not much of it…) so I have to be very careful with brushing my hair and caring for it. But what I do every time in the shower …



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Dalila is the name of this stunning dress I madly fell in love with some weeks ago. I wasn’t sure if I should order it or not because I wanted to wear it only without the slip dress underneath. I wasn’t sure if I can “allow” myself to wear a dress with such a deep v-neck without a bra. But …


My Vienna Guide

Guide, Vienna

I often get asked for Vienna recommendations such as for good restaurants, hotels and shops. So I thought I write all my favorite spots of my favorite city and combine it in one blog post. You can find the tourist hotspots in your Vienna travel guide but I would like to show you my favorite places where I eat, drink, dance and …


February 14


Don’t worry boys. I did all the work you and went through countless online shops for you and discovered some pretty gifts for your favorite girl. “Gifts? Why?” you may ask now. February 14 is Valentine’s Day!! First: I have never seen a woman who was not happy about a bouquet (of her favorite) flowers. Beautiful roses are always welcome. Even on other days than …


Warm Aubergine, Pomegranate & Bulgur Salad


Today I have a very delicious and healthy recipe for you: Jamie Olivers warm Aubergine, Pomegranate and Bulgur Salad. It’s fresh, light, healthy and delicious! To be honest, it takes a little while (about 40 to 60 minutes) but it’s definitely worth it! You can have it as a lunch, dinner or as a side dish for lamb or any …