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It’s always weird but on the other side very funny to see yourself in a magazine – but still so unreal! I’m a little proud about the fact that I am in the December issue in the Austrian Flair Magazine. It’s a small interview about things I like. So if you want to read it: you’ll find me on page …



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“Nordic Coconut” I can’t believe we did it: we’ve been to NOMA! Yes, the best restaurant in the world for three years in a row (2010, 2011, 2012). You can’t imagine how hard it was to get a table (we tried it for over a year) and then BAAAM! We got the table! A really nice one by the window… …


HTSYC – Emirates

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Leider ist es an der Zeit für ein “How to screw your customer” – dieses Mal mit Emirates, eigentlich einer Fluglinie, mit der ich sehr gerne fliege. Ich hatte ein Ticket, welches ich zwei Mal umgebucht habe; das letzte Mal auf den 21. September, da ich nach Dubai geflogen bin. Am Flughafen in Wien hat man mir gesagt, ich hätte …


Beautiful Copenhagen

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Yesterday we were out and about in Copenhagen and enjoyed the city to the fullest. Copenhagen is such a cool city with cute cafés and restaurants on every corner! I love the colorful houses and the modern architecture combined with old style. Today we planned a lot and I can’t wait to explore the city again! In the meantime you can browse …