Rome Restaurant Tipp: Angelina in Trevi

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I can highly recommend you the restaurant Angelina Trattoria near the Trevi Fountain. The food is really delicious, service is perfect and the prices are ok for the very high quality igredients. Don’t forget to try their olive oil and cheese cake!  ~~~ Nach unserem Totalreinfall zu Mittag wollten mein Freund und ich nicht die Hoffnung aufgeben, dass es in …


All roads lead to Rome

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This is what we saw and did on our first days in Rome. This city is so wonderful and full of charismatic corners. We didn’t have a plan and just followed our instincts and as you can see we saw a lot. Amazing city, isn’t it?  ~~~ Wenn man mit meinem Freund verreist, gibt es keinen Plan, um die Stadt …


Giolitti Ice Cream in Rome

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Yeah, we had some amazing ice cream at almost midnight on our first day. Giolitti. It was delicious and a must if you are in Rome! ~~~ Dank Eurer lieben Empfehlung sind wir an unserem ersten Abend in Rom noch um 23:43h Eis essen gegangen. Ins Giolitti. Die Schlange war enorm und man musste zuerst das System verstehen: Bei Schlange …


From Rome With Love!

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We’re finally in Rome! It’s so beautiful here and I often feel like in the “From Rome With Love” movie. Rome is like a museum for me and I love the picturesque facades as you can see in the pictures below. At the evening we had an amazing Pizza at a famous Pizzeria. You can see more of our journey on …


Off to Rome!

Life, Travels

Yay! We’re going to Rome and I’m so excited! Do you have any restaurant suggestions for me? I would love to hear them since I’m the first time in this city. I hope we will have a good internet connection because I want to keep you updated. But for now: Ciao! ~~~ Mein Freund und ich fliegen endlich wieder weg …


Salon Privé by Cocolabelle Brunch

Events, Fashion, Vienna

My talented friend Alexandra invited a few ladies to a brunch to celebrate the opening of her Salon Privé. You may remember her from my Annas Vienna Picks. Her salon is a real girl’s dream! Everything is bright, powdery, feathers and glitter, Chandeliers, champagne, roses and the dresses! It was a fantastic afternoon and I hope you can see it in …


Miu Miu Cocktail

Events, Fashion, Vienna

Yesterday I went to the Miu Miu party with a lovely friend of mine. It was full house, a lot of Champagne, a DJane and the catering was from delicious Fabios. I saw so many stylish people and met a lot of friends. The evening was wonderful but it was a little bit too hot inside the store so everybody …


Creating my own Fascinator

Events, Fashion, Vienna

Yesterday I went to a very special event: A creative workshop with Milliner Marion Weiss and Swarovski Vienna where you can make your very own fascinator. I had so much fun making my head band and it was amazing to see the process of other bloggers and press ladies. How do you like my creation?  ~~~ Gestern war ich zu …