Hermès Shopping tip

Fashion, Shopping

I love wearing different hand bags every day but I hate to put my stuff from one bag into the other (I always carry way too much with me…). Today I found this purse organizer at Hermès and love it! Now everything is perfectly organized and I need only one handle to transfer my stuff to one another bag.  ~~~ …


Meet Magdalena Adriane

Fashion, Vienna

You may remember my interview for The Daily Dose where I said “I am looking for the perfect silky blouse in white or cream. If I don’t find it soon, I’ll have to sew it myself …” , to be honest, I can’t sew. BUT designer Magdalena Adriane (who is going to New York Fashion Week very soon!) wrote me an …


Un rendez-vous avec Marionnaud

Beauty, Events, Vienna

Gestern war das längste Blogger-Event, auf dem ich jemals gewesen bin! Und die Zeit ist so schnell verflogen, dass es mir gar nicht aufgefallen ist. Marionnaud hat nämlich einen kleinen Kreis an Bloggern in die Steffl Sky Bar geladen und keiner von uns wusste, was uns erwartet. Später sind wir mit zwei Autos nach Niederösterreich, genauer gesagt nach Klosterneuburg, gefahren, …


Let’s talk about Blogs

Blog, Personal

What is the main goal of a blog? To start an own business? Be rich and famous? Write books and visit fashion shows and sit in the first row? Will we be blogging when we are gray and old (now I had to think about ‘Angels’ from Robbie Williams, never mind) married and with a couple of kids? Will our …


Mini bags – yay or nay?


What do you think about these mini me versions of the handbags? Is it ok to wear them as a grown up woman or are they just for the little girls? ~~~ Schon länger beobachte ich den Trend zu kleinen Handtaschen – besser gesagt zu einer kleineren Version des Originalmodells, wie zum Beispiel die Celine Luggage Tasche im Miniformat. Auffällig …


The Gift Guide

Fashion, People

This is my ultimate gift guide for a person that has already everything.  ~~~ Was schenkt man eigentlich jemanden, der schon alles hat? Falls Ihr Euch das schon mal gefragt habt, habe ich jetzt den ultimativen Geschenke-Guide! Unglaublich, was es alles gibt… Hermès hat ein T-Shirt aus Krokodilleder im Sortiment. Für 91.500 Dollar gehört es Euch. Ich frage mich, wann Kanye …


Dream Team

Fashion, Vienna

As you may know, I love accessories! I think they can really transform an outfit. This is one of my favorite sets I choose when I don’t know what to wear for more glamorous events. Yesterday we went to Albertina Passage – a dinner club in the heart of Vienna. I can highly recommend it! The food and live music are great and …



Food, Vienna

Mochi – everybody is talking about this restaurant. Some love it, some are not very impressed. Finally we made it to Mochi yesterday and I must say that I really liked it! It’s fresh, delicious and I liked the atmosphere. My recommendation: Nasu & Miso – an eggplant au gratin; divine!  ~~~ Wie bereits erwähnt, haben mein Freund und ich das …