Das Mangoblüte-Manifest

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Dear readers, this is an article about my thoughts on blogs and advertising. You can translate it on the right side of my blog if you like! Thank you! ~~~ Liebe Leser, ich will mit Euch meine Grundsätze, die diesen Blog betreffen, teilen. Ich habe Werbung auf meinem Blog und ich bin froh, dass die Serverkosten gedeckt werden und ich …


This must be love!


Today I met an adorable woman who has a tiny Chanel-Tattoo. I really love the CC-logo and this tattoo is amazing! ~~~ Heute war ich wieder für Annas Vienna Picks unterwegs und habe eine wundervolle Frau kennengelernt! Der Beitrag kommt demnächst, aber ich wollte Euch jetzt schon ihr sehr tolles Tattoo am Handgelenk zeigen. Man sieht, sie ist durch und …


Last night with Mischa Barton

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Last night B. and I attended a party in Hotel Sofitel Vienna. La Hong Nhut opened his Flagship Store there and invited Mischa Barton to join the crowd. It was a very interesting event! ~~~ Gestern waren B. und ich auf einem sehr interessanten Event im Hotel Sofitel. Interessant wegen den Gästen, dem Medientrubel, der Gespräche und der Aufmachung der …


5 fabulous things a woman should own


1. Killer high heels – and she also has to know how to walk in them. If not, watch this. My favorites are the ‘Pigalle‘ from Christian Louboutin.  2. Great dress, which you can wear from day to night. Like this one from Stella McCartney. 3. Your personal It-Bag. It can be a Birkin, Chanel 2.55,… 4. A favorite piece …


Homemade Pizza


Last weekend my boyfriend and I did our homemade pizza again. This time we mixed the recipes from Jamie Oliver and Heston Blumenthal. I added some caster sugar, 20 stalks of thyme, 20 basil leaves and two bay leaves to the classic tomato sauce recipe from Jamie. It tasted much better with sugar! Usually we use this recipe for the …


My Prada Dilemma.

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One of my favorite clutches is this one from Prada which my father bought me in Cannes years ago. I love the colors and the size is perfect – even my iPad fits in it! I always get so many compliments and I wear this bag for shopping or to a restaurant. BUT: somehow I got this stains on my …




Happy Monday everyone! Winter is here, it’s getting colder, people are running like chickens in the streets and everybody is busy and stressed. This is NOT my favorite time of the year but there are some very interesting and fun projects in the near future which I will share here with you! But what happened the last few days so …


HTSYC – Lanvin Shoes

How To Screw Your Customers

This is my second article for the small column ‘how to screw your customers‘! I don’t like my ballet flats from Lanvin any more because they broke just after three months and are made in Portugal. This is the very short version, if you like to read the full article, please translate it via the button on the right side …