Midnight in Paris

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After wine tasting and dinner we went to our room, changed into comfy clothes and went outside. It was a wonderful and warm summer night and we really enjoyed the walk to the Eiffel Tower and back. What I love about Paris, is, that people sit and chat in cafés outside even though it’s after midnight. ~~~ Nach der Weinverkostung und …


Saturday shopping


Yesterday my boyfriend and I went to the first district in Vienna. It was so damn hot and therefore the city was almost empty. Lucky for us, because we could find a parking lot easily! :) We were running errands but we also had some time to visit our favorite stores. At Louis Vuitton I bought a bandana and got …


Wine Tasting & Dinner

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After Versailles we had an hour for refreshing ourselves before we went to La Cave du Plaza Athénée, the Wine Cellar of the hotel. Later we had dinner in the beautiful La Cour Jardin, where I wore my special dress!  Our sommelier, Guillem Kerambrun, allowed us to sample six of the 35000 cellar references originating from some of the finest regions …