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Oh how many times I thought “this dress in black would look cute on me” or “I wish the dress had longer sleeves” or “I would love to have this skirt in lace. And in MY size!”. I think you know what I mean. I even started a secret Pinterest board with ideas for dresses, skirts, blazers and outfits! It …


Daily Jewels



I LOVE jewelry! Some may say it’s too much and overloaded but I can’t have enough bling and glitz! Maybe it’s because I’m Russian or because I got my ears pierced when I was four. But with the right jewelry the outfit looks put together. Actually, I wear seven rings on one hand, three bracelets, earrings and a necklace. So these …


Dior Cocktail

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Mangobluete Diorama Dior Bag

Last week my friend and I attended a little Dior Cocktail at their boutique in Vienna. I totally fell in love with their new creation “Diorama” – a bag of course. It’s similar to the Chanel Boy Bag but it’s more ladylike, it weighs less and it’s less expensive. I’ve selected a comfy yet chic (but not too chic) outfit: …


Weekend Beauty



On Sundays I usually clean the apartment but it’s also my mini Spa day. I apply some Shu Uemura oil to my hair before I vacuum my apartment, so my hair have time to soak in the oil. After everything is clean I do some peeling on my face and lips, apply a masque and do my nails. After that …


Let’s talk about dress sizes



Yesterday after a Dior event I had an interesting conversation with two lovely girls about dress sizes. How can it be that me (I’m 1.70cm tall) have to alter all my trousers? Am I a dwarf? Even when I buy “short” cut pants, I still have to bring them to the tailor. What about women who are 1.60cm tall?  And how can it be that sometimes I fit in …


Trending: Pastels



Groundbreaking news: pastels are so in this season! I know its Spring time and everybody is wearing these sweet colors which remind me of paintings from Monet. But I can’t wait to take out my pink candy colored coat by Malene Birger and mix and match it with light denim jeans, white blouses and colorful bags. What I’m looking for …


When you take things for granted…



When you take things for granted, the things you are granted, get taken. After a day full of meetings and events I got home and went straight to bed. I hope I’m not one of the 14 thousand ill people in Vienna who got the flu. I drink plenty of water and tea and take some medicine like NeoCitran (wich …


Fashion Flash!

Fashion Flash


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